AirNav Systems, LLC, a global leader in air traffic surveillance relied upon by some of the largest aerospace firms, government agencies, airlines, and airports, for over 15 years, has selected The Aviation Agency as its advertising agency partner to expand its brand reach.

“We are really excited by this opportunity to represent such a great brand,” said Bryan Del Monte, President at The Aviation Agency ( “From our perspective, the product suite that AirNav Systems offers is like ‘Google Analytics’ for real world aircraft activities. It’s incredible the insights that can be gained leveraging their data. We can’t wait to show the rest of this industry how magnificent AirNav’s product suite is and empower business decisions in aviation and aerospace,” Del Monte said.

AirNav Systems – The Leader in ADS-B data solutions

AirNav Systems ( has one of the largest series of tracking stations to monitor air traffic in the world. Their data and reports have been used by media outlets, charters, logistics companies, and more to power insights and provide information to customers. Their data even powers some of the better known consumer ADS-B websites and applications in the industry. Along with flight tracking, AirNav Systems also maintains arrival & departure information and historical flight data. This data can be leveraged to understand traffic patterns, airport utilization, and gain meaningful business insights for marketing, operations, and investment decisions.

Data is aggregated from ten (10) different sources such as ADS-B, FAA SWIM, MLAT and EUROCONTROL. A large network of volunteer feeders in all parts of the world feed ADS-B data using ground receivers provided by AirNav® RadarBox ( As of January 2020, the company has over 15,000 feeders who actively feed data to the website; one of the largest networks in the world.

“Many people already know our consumer product, Radarbox, but we found that not as many people knew us as the company that powered not just Radarbox, but other very popular online ADS-B tracking services,” said Andre Brandao, President of AirNav Systems, LLC “Going forward, we’re looking to develop a suite of applications that leverage the massive data repository we’ve developed for businesses in the industry, and to do that we needed someone who understood aviation, the B2B sales space, and could leverage our data to take us to the next level,” Brandao said.

“It’s serendipity that things worked out as they did. Andre has built an amazing company that really is the leader in this field. When we understood just what they could do, we were blown away as a consumer of the data. Together, we’re going to demonstrate that fact to the rest of the industry and we’re excited to be their partner,” Del Monte said.

With offices in the US and in Europe, AirNav Systems has a team from over ten countries with all types of backgrounds – air traffic controllers, airline pilots, and engineers. AirNav Systems team members have a passion for aviation and a deep understanding of big data computing and the insights such data can enable.

“People would come to us after being unhappy with one of the more prominent providers of this service. They would be surprised to find out that in many cases, it was our data those providers leveraged. They would also be surprised in finding out our capabilities to build custom solutions for them, at rates considerably more affordable than what they experienced. We looked for an agency partner to solve this problem. We’re excited about working with The Aviation Agency and we have some great new concepts we’ll be bringing to the marketplace in the first quarter,” Brandao said.

Scope of Work

The Aviation Agency’s role is to handle the advertising and public relations of AirNav Systems, LLC The Aviation Agency will be providing data-driven insights to make AirNav Systems one of the most recognized names in the field. “The reality is, we love challenger brands. We love taking companies like AirNav Systems and making them the best-known brand in their space. And here’s the really great thing, AirNav Systems may be unknown to some – but they are the best in the space and have been for over a decade. We’re excited about being able to unlock the potential of this company and share it with the broader industry. It will be a great fit,” Del Monte said.

About AirNav Systems, LLC

With offices located in the US and Europe, AirNav Systems, LLC, is a global leader in air traffic surveillance. AirNav Systems has a proven track record of providing affordable and reliable flight data & ADS-B tracking products and services to major aerospace companies, government agencies, media outlets, airlines, airports and fixed-base operators, for over 15 years. Some of its more notable clients include Collins, NASDAQ, KLM, Google, NATO, the US Navy, Sandia, and the Discovery Channel. You can see experience AirNav® RadarBox at or watch this video to learn more.

Note: AirNav® Systems and AirNav® RadarBox are registered trademarks of AirNav Systems, LLC All rights reserved.

About The Aviation Agency

The Aviation Agency is a full-service advertising, marketing, and public relations firm, located in Bloomington, Minnesota. The agency focuses exclusively on clients operating in the aviation, aerospace, avionics, and airport industries. Founded by seasoned advertising professionals, the agency’s work is to bring the highest level of craft, strategy, and execution to the aviation industry; building brands that dominate markets and build exceptional stakeholder value in the marketplace.

About ADS-B Data:

Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) tracking is a modern flight tracking system wherein the electronic equipment onboard an aircraft automatically broadcasts the aircraft’s location other flight related data to ground receivers via radio waves.

The data transmitted to ground receivers can then be used by other aircraft and air traffic control to show the aircraft’s position and altitude on display screens without the need for radar.

The system involves an aircraft with ADS-B determining its position using GPS. A transmitter (also called Transponder) then broadcasts that position at rapid periodic intervals, along with aircraft identity, altitude, speed and other data. Dedicated ADS-B grounds stations (or ADS-B Receivers) receive the broadcasts and relay the information to RadarBox’s servers which then process and display this data at Most of these ground stations consist of receivers that RadarBox sends volunteers free of charge.

ADS-B is based on the line of sight principle, so coverage area primarily depends on the antenna – how it is placed, where it is placed, and obstructions like buildings, mountains etc. around the antenna. The average range of a typical feeder’s antenna is 100-200 nautical miles (NM). Tracking flights over the ocean is a challenging task as receivers cannot be placed in the ocean. Fortunately, AirNav Systems has a network of feeders living in coastal regions and on islands such as the Azores, Iceland, Fiji, etc. This helps AirNav® Systems track flights at least 100-200 NM off a coast.

To supplement the coastal data, AirNav Systems’ Satellite ADS-B network uses data from receivers that are placed on nano-satellite constellations in space to carry out tracking, thereby enabling non-stop global air traffic surveillance regardless of terrain, location or infrastructure. Tracking is unaffected by weather or natural phenomenon. Aircraft are not required to have any special equipment on board their aircraft or fleet other than an ADS-B out transponder.

Currently over 80% of European & US airspace is covered by ground stations. Asia, Africa and Australia have seen significant growth during the last years, with more feeder volunteers signing up and feeding ADS-B data to RadarBox. Presently, AirNav Systems, LLC, has a total data network of over 15,000 stations receiving data (in addition to the satellite data), making its network one of the largest in the world.

All aircraft equipped with an ADS-B out transponder are tracked. Military and selectively blocked aircraft are also tracked but are not displayed to the public.