Content & Social Media

Entertain, Delight, Engage and Convert.


Getting likes and follows, staying top of mind, with your customers in social media is no easy task. Done right, social media can be among the most effective media channels imaginable. More effective than advertising. More effective than direct marketing. What’s required is an approach that delights prospective customers and delivers real value to them. That’s hard. It requires real craft, creative insight, and a way of making some aspect of your aviation business interesting, intriguing, and engaging.

Content Development For Aviation

Let’s be frank for a moment. Does your Aviation Content Marketing suck? Are your blog posts, “The 21 things you never knew about ILS?” or the like doing anything?


Or the videos you make – any watches?


You know why? Creating content that is funny, engaging, interesting, entertaining, and delivers real value, takes a lot of craftsmanship. It takes skill in writing, directing, shooting, and producing top-notch content.

It’s about storytelling. It’s about finding something really interesting that your prospective client’s love, and emphasizing it, scaling it, and broadening it. 

Effective content development is not about taking what you do, packaging it up, and then promoting the hell out of it. It’s about investing your time and money in developing an audience that you’ll own, who will ultimately like you, and will then decide to buy from you when their needs match your service offerings.

Aviation Content Marketing - What Works | The Aviation Agency
Aviation Content Marketing - What Works | The Aviation Agency

Creating Effective Content

Effective content is about your audience, not about what you want to sell, say, or produce. 

Big secret – television, film studios, and on-demand networks, could truly care less about what they’re going to produce next. What they care about is whether or not they think an audience will come and watch it. The business they’re in is building and delighting audiences.

Believe it or not – producing good content that sells products – you’re in that same business. You’re in the “what does my audience want to watch” business. It has to be something of real value – entertainment, education, problem-solving – something people want to consume.

Not your ad. Not your “advertorial”. Not your posts saying “for all your needs… come talk to us right now.”

Something they want to read, watch, consume. Don’t worry – they’ll remember who produced it.

Aviation Content Marketing - What Works | The Aviation Agency
Aviation Content Marketing - What Works | The Aviation Agency

Making Content Pay

We believe that content creation has to support a business purpose (not necessarily be a business communication). What that means is creating an inviting world for customers and prospects. 

If you build a world for people to participate in, they’ll all remember who runs it, who built it, and who leads it. This is how you stay “top of mind” in a meaningful way when market participants can literally choose to watch or read whatever they want. 

When they’re ready – they’ll buy from you. They will know, trust, and like you – because you’re like them. You’re in “their tribe.” 

Interdisciplinary Approach

We devise strategies and implement processes to encourage people to interact with your content. Online engagement and experiences provide a unique opportunity to delight, entertain, inform, engage, encourage, convince, and ultimately, take a prospect and make them a lifelong customer. Our skills in video, storytelling, copywriting, illustration, photography, audio production, allows us to create content that is accessible (and consumed) everywhere.

Aviation Content Marketing - What Works | The Aviation Agency
Aviation Content Marketing - What Works | The Aviation Agency