Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Marketing

Sales Support In A Complex B2B Industry


The next decade should be a heyday for the MRO industry. Rising demand for air travel is keeping production lines at aircraft, engine, and component manufacturers busy and setting records. Lower oil prices, along with the willingness of airlines to spend on upkeep, are resulting in delayed retirements of older jets, which in turn provide more business for the MRO industry because of their additional servicing needs. We have developed processes and strategies to assist these vital organizations capture more revenue in this complex B2B sales environment.

MRO – Keeping the world small by keeping planes flying

The commercial air transport MRO market is growing at a pace not seen in over 20 years, with total MRO spending expected to rise to $114.7 billion from $77.4 billion in 2018.

That’s a jump of 48 percent on an average four percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The expansion is back-end loaded, with growth averaging 3.5 percent for the first five years, increasing the total to $91.9 billion by 2023, and rising to 4.5 percent yearly growth between 2023 and 2028.

Put bluntly, there is unprecedented opportunity for the MRO market  as demand for air travel increases, airlines are keeping planes longer, the backlog of new aircraft increases, and the demand for MRO services increases.


Complex Sales Support For MRO

Our agency understands this market at a native level. We attend the shows. We hear the problems. We know the players. We know how to help you become better at selling your MRO services. 

Whether your focus is engine, components, interior, or airframe, The Aviation Agency can help your organization grow in this highly competitive market. We understand the sales cycles involved, we understand the triggers that lead to captured revenue, and we can design the systems and support to help your sales team capture more business and grow revenues.


Turning Insights Into Client Growth

The complexity of what MROs do makes it difficult at times to wrap your head around how to sell an MRO’s operational value.

We get that completely, and we have developed ways of helping MRO industry participants make those connections across the industry and build revenue.

Most MROs, not without justification given their prior experiences, do not leverage marketing or advertising effectively or consistently. Instead, the vast majority of MRO organizations are sales driven; effective sales forces going out and drumming up business the old fashioned way.

The MRO industry is too small, too niched, and the entire “capture and convert” process is too complex (and long) for a traditional marketing and advertising approach.  As a consequence, when MRO firms have tried marketing and advertising – they’re understandably left wanting and view the activity as a cost center versus revenue generating.

Marketing and advertising in the MRO sector has to be used to support sales. Great marketing and advertising activity gives your sales force more leads and “whacks at the bat” which leads to more conversions and higher revenue. 

Our team is also experienced in helping complex sales organizations convert more and deal with the common problems of objections pertaining to price, availability, service, and quality (consistency). The result is that our clients typically have better margins, deliver better results, and have a considerably fuller pipeline than those who aren’t advertising and marketing.

Seizing This Time for Growth

The long term outlook for the entirety of the MRO market is very strong. What this prediction masks, however, is that at the “other side” of this cycle, those who dominate is who will survive.

Whether you’re a parts provider, providing maintenance, providing overhaul, or operating as a full-service MRO to commercial and business aviation, the rising tide will “lift all boats” (or planes).

Things may seem easier because this market is frenetic and growing. But longer term, only those who develop advertising, marketing, and sales channels that stuff their pipelines full – always looking to grow and add more revenue – will be the ones that truly dominate the marketplace.

Let us help you achieve dominance, not just grow, during this period.