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Trade Shows

Building Relationships & Revenue

Right now – we aren’t really having trade shows are we?

But it won’t be that way forever. Prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic, trade shows were the number one marketing channel utilized by aviation. The largest shows in the world – NBAA, MRO Americas, Osh, drew people from around the world. That type of opportunity helped to build companies (it helped build ours).

Eventually, we’ll get back to trade shows. For now, we can only do what make sense for safety and security.

Trade Show Marketing

Trade shows have three elements: the display (booth), the floor, and the “event” itself. To leverage these aspects properly and have an exceptionally useful show, you need a strategy for all three elements. If you don’t have a good strategy, then experience of “the show” is always the same: “it’s ok, we didn’t get much.” 

You need a show strategy and you need effective followup to make trade shows work. Most aviation companies underestimate the power of trade shows. But let me ask you this – why do Honeywell, Boeing, Airbus, and others invest so heavily? Sponsor so heavily? Sponsor hospitality events?

Because with the right strategy, trade shows can generate more leads and revenue in a week than normally are generated in an entire quarter.

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