Mobile Marketing

Connecting & Conversing on the Tiny Screen


The future of internet and online activity is on mobile. Mobile applications, mobile websites, mobile and email marketing, is the battleground to reach your prospective customers. Increasingly your customers will make their decisions to buy from you through interaction on mobile properties. It’s not enough just to have a “responsive” website – you need to start thinking about how to engage prospects on a screen the size of an index card.

Big World – Tiny Screens

You cannot afford to ignore mobile. It doesn’t matter what your business is, who your prospective customers are, if you’re ignoring mobile, you’re ignoring potential sales.

Google’s search statistics suggest that 57% of internet traffic is delivered on mobile (either tablet or phone). That number has continued to accelerate since 2015. If the trends continue, as much as 70% of internet traffic could be on “tiny screens” by 2020. 

Moreover, how well your material can be accessed on such tiny screens, and the ability to service your customers’ needs when you’re in “the palm of their hand” directly affects your ability to be found, and your ability to entertain, educate, and convert customers.

Aviation Mobile Marketing Marketing That Works | The Aviation Agency
Aviation Mobile Marketing Marketing That Works | The Aviation Agency

Beyond Responsive – SMS, Email, Apps

There’s more to having a “mobile strategy” than just having a website that can be viewed on a phone. Being able to engage customers with relevant information, and draw in new prospective customers with mobile delivered applications, is required for a robust approach to mobile.

Does your FBO or airport have updates that are pushable to your customers via their phones? Why not. The phone is what your customer is looking at 90% of the time while they are at the airport (unless they’re flying we hope). Do you have robust support for their iPad? their iPhone? Do you have SMS updates on availability of aviation fuel? Or special events?

All of these activities can lead to greater returns and allow you, once again, to take control of the conversation and support sales.

Maybe you run a UAV business. Do you have the ability to show people your feeds via a phone application? Would it be easier for them to understand your value if you did?  What about a mobile app?

A what? An application. Maybe a game or some kind of interactively programmed application that is delivered via mobile. We can build those types of engaging activities online so people stay connected with your brand. It may sound silly, but, 80% of mobile device time in spent on apps, with game apps eating up the largest percent of app time. Companies like KLM and DHL have developed apps to help broaden the reach of their brands online – entertaining while educating customers.

Mobile, like social, requires an entirely different approach if you want it to return a high ROI. It does not just display banners retargeted across networks in a phone space. It’s not just messaging. It’s not just email. You need a strategy.

Aviation Mobile Marketing Marketing That Works | The Aviation Agency
Aviation Mobile Marketing Marketing That Works | The Aviation Agency

Mobile Marketing Execution

The Aviation Agency can devise a core mobile marketing strategy for your business. We can bring together all of the elements – location marketing, SMS, applications, display, enhanced local listing, and SEO, as well as mobile-enhanced websites.  We can bring it all together so that the time your prospects spend on the phone results in a deepening relationship with you.

Aviation Mobile Marketing That Works

We can understand that some are skeptical of mobile in aviation beyond the airlines. The reality is – you cannot afford to ignore the channel.

Think about this – five years ago, most people weren’t accessing approach plates and charts with their iPad. Now, with companies like Foreflight, it’s routine to get the information you need on demand through your iPad. It’s changing general and business aviation. 

There are ways to integrate that desire for on-demand information on a tiny screen for your customers. You cannot afford to ignore it. Whether you’re a jet leasing company, or an FBO, or an MRO, or a parts manufacturer, or a plane manufacturer, we assure you – there are ways to leverage the tiny screens and supercomputers we all walk around within our pockets every day.

It’s just silly not to do it.

Aviation Mobile Marketing Marketing That Works | The Aviation Agency
Aviation Mobile Marketing Marketing That Works | The Aviation Agency