Search Engine Optimization

Being Found by Being Relevant


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not magic. Despite what many in the industry write, say, and sell, there isn’t any “magic language” that makes your “site” the number one position on Google (or anywhere else).

SEO isn’t about magic tricks – it’s about a very simple thing – relevance. Being relevant to someone’s query. Being relevant and providing value that makes someone searching for solutions better off than when they started.

SEO is closely tied to content marketing techniques, but it’s also about being very clear about the value you provide customers, and making that fact as plain as a clear day.

What is SEO?

SEO is a competition – but probably not in the way you’ve been told. It’s a competition for attention. The guy who comes “in first” that competition wins because they create the most relevant content possible. That author has the most instinctive insights into their prospective customers. That author knows them better than they know themselves.


Our officers have been to Google multiple times – paid trips that Google paid for – to bring our people to Google to discuss how search works. How and why Google’s algorithms work – and how as advertising agencies – we can improve that experience.

Do you think that discussion centers around things like meta tags? Or magic language? Do you think the entirety of that discussion revolved around finding the equivalent of “disco sucks” for a given keyword?

No. It did not.

Real SEO is about relevance. Making content that is highly relevant. That content doesn’t need to worry about a Google update, or the next change in SEO strategies. Google (or any other search engine) doesn’t care who ranks first, second, or third.

They care about distilling down what are literally millions of voices vying to compete to answer a question – posed by the search.

Understanding the question, understanding how to answer the question better than anyone else, and understanding how to satisfy the “search intent” is what SEO is really about.

What you think you know about SEO is probably wrong.

The difference between someone who is an SEO expert, versus everyone else, is that SEO experts don’t fixate on technical factors.

It’s like being a concert pianist. Yes, at one time you did lots and lots of drills – scales, and fingering drills, and learning the mechanics of how to bring about sounds and effects in the piano. You understand the rules of how the piano works and how the “language” of written music works.  

A concert pianist doesn’t worry about suddenly learning to read music or the rules of how to play the piano. The focus is on how to present an amazing performance.

This is the difference between how most people approach SEO. We’re experts. We’re concert pianists. We understand all the rules of the SEO “road”.

But we realize, not everyone does. And we also realize that many people need to start that discussion talking about the “rules” of SEO – what SEO experts would call, the “on-page ranking factors.” So, okay, let’s start our discussion there – on page SEO.

This is what most people are thinking about when they think about “SEO” – magic language that will make Google love you.

It’s actually not magic – but rather – structured code. Consider them similar to the rules of grammar. If I write, “Advertising Experts Are We.” versus “We are experts in Advertising,” same words,  but one makes my company sound like an idiot (or Yoda if we’re going to be charitable), and one is proper English grammar. There’s a similar set of rules for SEO.

How well the information is structured on your page, simple things sometimes like headers, titles, and sentence structure, can have an impact on how search engines understand your content. We call this part of SEO the ‘on-page’ qualities – since they pertain to the technical aspects of “the content on the page” and not necessarily your relevance, influence, or authority in the marketplace (but the two are closely related).

We have a free tool to demonstrate what we mean by “on page” SEO factors. Submit your information on the left, and we’ll analyze a page (or more) for you. You’ll receive an emailed report within an hour that will cover over 100 different “on page” factors that could be affecting how well Google (and your audience) understands your content.

This isn’t a substitute for working with us – but it gives you some insights into the diagnostic tools we use. Consider this the “baseline” activity – we’re washing our face, tucking in our shirts, zipping up our flies, and standing straight. We haven’t done much yet, but, we’re finally ready to do something more.

SEO Search Engine Optimization | The Aviation Agency
SEO Search Engine Optimization | The Aviation Agency

Communication Strategy

So, assuming you’ve got your “on page” rankings correct, the rest of the task is about crafting amazing content, not worrying about the structure of the rules.

What this really means is that good SEO is about having a communication strategy that really resonates with a specific audience. What are the key issues your customers care about, and what kind of content can you provide them on the web, so that the search engine will match your prospective customer with your content.

One of the most important elements to building an online marketing strategy around SEO is empathy for your audience. Once you grasp what your target market is looking for, you can more effectively reach and keep those users.

Thus, while agencies will talk about SEO Strategy and they’ll talk about “optimzing for Google” (or local SEO, or whatever end search engine is parameter is allegedly most important), and there is this intense focus on the onpage factors we’ve already discussed. In contrast, at The Aviation Agency, we optimize for …


Optimize for people, not robots. People buy stuff. People like stuff. Whether you think your business is business to business or business to consumer, you’re incorrect. Every business is people to people. People buy things. People need to be emotionally influenced and educated before they buy things. The real focus of SEO when dealing with consumers, is supporting sales.

When visitors type a query into a search box and land on your site, will they be satisfied with what they find? This is the primary question that search engines try to answer billions of times each day. The search engines’ primary responsibility is to serve relevant results to their users. So ask yourself what your target customers are looking for and make sure your site delivers it to them.

SEO should never be a trick. It should be a sustainable long-term strategy. Using tricks in order to fit Google’s algorithm only works in the short run. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google wants to show their users the best result for a specific keyword. If you want to rank for a keyword (which is really a concept), you should simply try to be the best result.

Being the best result means focusing on technical excellence, great User Experience, flawless website security, and really awesome content. You should focus on all the aspects of website optimization in order to be the best result.

That’s what our holistic SEO strategy is all about!

Aviation Marketing for Leading Brands | The Aviation Agency
Aviation Marketing for Leading Brands | The Aviation Agency

SEO to Support Sales

Why people buy isn’t hard to understand: they buy because they like you, your product (or service), and your company. They believe that buying your product will make their lives better. It’s a complex dance of having a relationship as well as persuading the prospect to ultimately commit by giving you their time, their attention, and then their money.

Our approach to SEO forces brands to really think about how the content they generate, the things they say, and the products they offer, develop value for their customers. That “strategy audit” to create valid SEO content, ultimately makes a better sales cycle, and leads to more conversions.

Aviation Marketing That Works

We’re here to sell – and we sell or else. 

Yes, we’re masters of the craft. Yes, we make really amazing pictures, illustrations, videos, films, commercials, print ads, product packages, logos, brand names, campaigns for radio, print, TV, online, trade shows – you name it. We do it ALL creative-wise.

But we DO all that to SELL products and services. That’s why at the heart of this creative endeavor, we never forget what we want for our clients – customers to buy their products and services. It’s about sales.

Aviation Marketing for Leading Brands | The Aviation Agency
Aviation Marketing for Leading Brands | The Aviation Agency