FBO Marketing

Stand Out, Build Connections, Build Revenue


FBO Marketing. It can be a difficult nut to crack. Fixed Base Operators (FBO) face a difficult challenge marketing themselves effectively – commoditization and price competition. They sell the same products, they sell the same services (mostly), they cannot control their geographic reach, and they cannot easily increase demand for services. This anxiety drives most FBOs to market and compete on price – a game which they usually lose.

So what are they supposed to do to grow revenues?

The answer is to turn a commodity into a premier product. We’ll show you how.

FBO Marketing Challenges

One of the biggest obstacles all B2B companies face, not just FBO’s, when marketing their product is having that product viewed as a commodity.

When your product is viewed as a commodity, companies feel “stuck” competing on price. The problem with that strategy is, of course, there will always be a company that is willing to sell their product at a lower price than you.

The result is a downward spiral of prices? Right? Well – perhaps not. The reality is that while the underlying goods and services your FBO provides may be commodities – your FBO is unique – and can be marketed as such – if you know how.

FBO Marketing | The Aviation Agency
FBO Marketing | The Aviation Agency

Creating Connection & Conversion

The way to cut through the noise and clutter of a commodity based business is to provide an experience and a level of service that few can match.  Experiences are the glue of relationships, and relationships once formed, are difficult for outside competitors to penetrate.

In the end – it’s a perceptual and internalized value that leads to great experiences. What additional products or services do your clients want that you can include with your product that will make their life easier? An added service? Added training? The information they need? Additional products?

Each and every FBO has things they do very well – better than most. Are there things your clients wish they had at your FBO? Can you provide that service or product?

Think about how you can turn your single “commodity” product into a product and service package, such as a Bronze Package, an upgraded Silver Package, or a premier Gold Package. You will be amazed at just how many businesses will want your Silver and Gold premiere packages and they will be more than willing to pay a premium price for it.

We can show you how to accomplish all of this – building better experiences, creating more value for customers, and ultimately, building subscription based products and services to stabilize cash flow and improve your operations. 

FBO Marketing | The Aviation Agency
FBO Marketing | The Aviation Agency

FBO Branding

The dirty secret of FBO Marketing is that ultimately it comes down to a simple concept that most FBO managers cannot execute well:


Branding is more than just a clever picture or logo. It’s ultimately about your identity, your message, and your customers (and hopefully prospects through lead generation). 

Name for a moment the #1 Banana. Did you immediately think of Chiquita? Probably.  Why? Branding. You might have even seen a woman vaguely looking like Carmen Miranda with fruit on her head – even with that commercial not having been on the air for 30+ years now.

Similarly, name the #1 cream cheese. Did you immediately think of Philadelphia? Probably. Can you even name the #2 cream cheese? (Probably not – but we’ll help you out – it’s Laughing Cow). 

Are fruit and cream cheese special? Nope. Everyone sells the same fruit. The same cream cheese. How does Kraft and Chiquita stand out? Not just stand out – but dominate the market?

Brand story. Consistently delivering a branded experience, backed by media.

For FBOs, their marketing requires a solid branding strategy executed consistently and flawlessly in everything they say, do, look, feel, taste, touch, and more. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but it does need to be strategic, thought through, and executed on a daily basis.

FBO Marketing Strategy

If your product is seen as a commodity and you are competing on low price, it is because you have chosen to market your product a commodity. There are endless ways to make your product stand out and be special so you have new clients come to you instead of you chasing to get them.

If fruits, cream cheeses, and other foods we all know and love, can make a successful premier products from commodities, and be very profitable in the marketplace, you certainly can create a premier product in your marketplace.

All you need to do is be creative. We can help.

FBO Marketing | The Aviation Agency
FBO Marketing | The Aviation Agency