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Building Stronger Relationships

Effective branding is not about logos and artwork. It’s about a concept that all of us (as fliers) are very aware of every moment in the air – gravity.

Branding is a force like gravity. Used effectively, brand gravity pulls prospects and eventually customers into a very tight orbit around who you are and what you do. They feel included. They feel connected. They advocate for you. They sell for you. They bring in new customers for you.

This process isn’t easy – but done properly – it’s very effective.

Brand Gravity

Why are some brands able to keep their followers loyal (Apple), and other companies, despite having massive media resources, can’t (Samsung)?

It’s a phenomenon we call “Brand Gravity.” And like the force of gravity – brand gravity has rules and elements to it in order to work. It’s predictable, and almost calculable, in most circumstances.

Brand gravity is determined by two factors – the density of your brand’s allure and the distance over which your brand attempts to exert its “brand gravity force”.

Since brand gravity is ultimately about experiences, brands have to deliver consistently good experiences in order to acrete more customers to make their brand “more dense”.

If you make bad stuff, in today’s world, people find out quickly.

What that means is every day you have to deliver a high quality product or service. All of your communications have to deliver real value to customers and prospects.

Either you are a leader worthy of being a brand – or you’re not.

If you are, we can definitely help you find that path.

Note: "Absolut Vodka" is a registered trademark of the Pernod Ricard group. "Victoria's Secret" is a registered trademark of L Brands. "Toyota" and "Lexus" are registered trademarks of Toyota Jidōsha kabushiki. Their use in this video is for illustrative purposes and should not be construed to be endorsement or represent our brand work with these companies.e

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Dan is the Senior Copywriter. Dan has over 20 years of experience taking brands to the next level as a copywriter, creative director & marketing director. He has worked in a variety of verticals including travel and tourism.

Dan resides in southeast Florida.

Lauren smith

Lauren is our Director of PR and Earned Media. A veteran of Ogilvy Action in New York, she has spent her career helping companies get their name in the paper – and without their executives having committed crimes to do so. Her expertise is working with companies in the B2B, Medical, and engineered products space. 

She lives with her husband, four kids (all under five no less), and two German Sheperds in Caldwell, NJ.

Leigh Schindlbeck

Leigh is the Director of Web. She has spent the last 20 years developing websites and web apps for clients of all shapes and sizes. Her talents are taking the ideas and art we create and making it live online, on your phone, and in applications.  Leigh is also responsible for overseeing the execution of digital marketing campaigns for clients.

She lives in the Tampa area with her husband and pets. 

Troy Hayes

Troy Hayes is our Creative Director.  He is recognized as an advertising communicator and strategist responsible for numerous successful campaigns, including three Super Bowl Commercials (one of which is recognized as being in the top 25 best of all time). He’s the dynamic art force behind our site and work of our clients.

Troy lives in the Tampa area with his wife – spending his time on the beach when not working, which isn’t often.

Bryan Del Monte

Bryan is the President and founder of our agency. You can find out more about that story by going here.

Bryan has spent the last 30 years trading ideas for actions – be it in political campaigns, government policy, as a speechwriter, as a trial consultant, or as an advertising executive. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife, two daughters, and three golden retrievers.