Beyond Look and Logos – Building Stronger Relationships


Effective branding is not about logos and artwork. It’s about a concept that all of us (as fliers) are very aware of every moment in the air – gravity.

Branding is a force like gravity. Used effectively, brand gravity pulls prospects and eventually customers into a very tight orbit around who you are and what you do. They feel included. They feel connected. They advocate for you. They sell for you. They bring in new customers for you.

This process isn’t easy – but done properly – it’s very effective.

Brand Gravity

Why are some brands able to keep their followers loyal (Apple), and other companies, despite having massive media resources, can’t (Samsung)?

It’s a phenomenon we call “Brand Gravity.” And like the force of gravity – brand gravity has rules and elements to it in order to work. It’s predictable, and almost calculable, in most circumstances.

Brand gravity is determined by two factors – the density of your brand’s allure and the distance over which your brand attempts to exert its “brand gravity force”.

Aviation Branding that Works | The Aviation Agency
Aviation Branding that Works | The Aviation Agency

Brand Density

What makes your “brand gravity” strong? The “density” of your brand experience.

What do I mean by density?

In astrophysics, objects that exert strong gravitational forces are massive and dense. The bigger the planet, the most dense, the stronger the gravity, the greater the distance that gravitational distortion occupies.

In commerce, the degree to which the company can satisfy a customer’s desire, and builds trust, authority, and rapport, creates a strong brand gravity bond that is difficult to break.

The more of those relationships that the company creates – the easier it is to attract new customers, service the old ones, and develop new product lines and revenue streams.

You don’t have to be “big” to have strong brand gravity. You can decide instead to be “dense” – i.e., dominating a small niche within a large market, accumulating large numbers of people in that niche who decide “you are the brand for me”. This is how you have strong brand “pull” even in a complex and complicated marketplace.

Aviation Branding that Works | The Aviation Agency
Aviation Branding that Works | The Aviation Agency

Brand Reach

The amount of gravity influenced on a object in astrophysics is directly inversely proportional to its distance (the closer you get, the more influence gravity has).

Similarly, keep your customers very close, and that reduces the chance they are “pulled away” by advertising or price drops by competitors.

Keeping customers “close” to the brand center means giving them a tremendously unique and thrilling experience.

Stories are either told by brands to customers, or from customer to customer through experiences. Either way – the experiences of the customer base represent the sum total of the brand’s pull – the brand gravity.

Branding is About Who You Are

Since brand gravity is ultimately about experiences, brands have to deliver consistently good experiences in order to accrete more customers to make their brand “more dense”.

If you make bad stuff, in today’s world, people find out quickly.

No amount of marketing, advertising, or flim-flam can cover it up. No nifty little logos, or clever artwork, can fix a badly executed business model.

What that means is every day you have to deliver a high quality product or service. All of your communications have to deliver real value to customers and prospects.

Either you are a leader worthy of being a brand – or you’re not.

If you are, we can definitely help you find that path.

Aviation Branding that Works | The Aviation Agency
Aviation Branding that Works | The Aviation Agency