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Strategies that Aviation
Companies Need to Succeed

We Love Aviation

Not Another Ad Agency

Aside from the raw talent of our people, all members of our marketing agency have two things in common: a love for the freedom that flight enables and an unquenchable thirst to bring that feeling to as wide of an audience as possible. Our know how makes it possible. 

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Case Studies

Aviation Marketing Know How Matters Most for Aviation, Airline, Aerospace, Avionics, and other industry leaders.


Our client gave media outlets around the world insights into the greatest collapse of the aviation industry in its history. Featured on CNBC, 60 Minutes, AP, CNN, and more.

Aviation Marketing Know How Matters Most for Aviation, Airline, Aerospace, Avionics, and other industry leaders.


Our client came to us with an average of 13K visitors per month. After a year of working together, we doubled their traffic to 26K on average and climbing.

Aviation Marketing Know How Matters Most for Aviation, Airline, Aerospace, Avionics, and other industry leaders.


We took the idea in our client’s head and brought it to life with custom artwork, web design, and copy writing. We established their entire brand presence online.



The Aviation Agency blends flight, culture, and marketing expertise to deliver powerful integrated solutions that move our clients’ business.


If that doesn’t get ya – we all have at least 10+ years experience selling millions of dollars worth of products in agency life, doing everything from simple coupon ads to Super Bowl commercials. No lie – we’ve sold a ton of product and spent millions of other people’s money effectively.

That’s how we know how. 


Because while all our competitors tinkered with advertising and decided they liked it (versus their jobs in aviation), our profession has always been leveraging communications to create profit. 

Our “Know How” is building unstoppable brands.
We’ve spent our entire careers doing it. Let us do it for you.

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Dan is the Senior Copywriter. Dan has over 20 years of experience taking brands to the next level as a copywriter, creative director & marketing director. He has worked in a variety of verticals including travel and tourism.

Dan resides in southeast Florida.

Lauren smith

Lauren is our Director of PR and Earned Media. A veteran of Ogilvy Action in New York, she has spent her career helping companies get their name in the paper – and without their executives having committed crimes to do so. Her expertise is working with companies in the B2B, Medical, and engineered products space. 

She lives with her husband, four kids (all under five no less), and two German Sheperds in Caldwell, NJ.

Leigh Schindlbeck

Leigh is the Director of Web. She has spent the last 20 years developing websites and web apps for clients of all shapes and sizes. Her talents are taking the ideas and art we create and making it live online, on your phone, and in applications.  Leigh is also responsible for overseeing the execution of digital marketing campaigns for clients.

She lives in the Tampa area with her husband and pets. 

Troy Hayes

Troy Hayes is our Creative Director.  He is recognized as an advertising communicator and strategist responsible for numerous successful campaigns, including three Super Bowl Commercials (one of which is recognized as being in the top 25 best of all time). He’s the dynamic art force behind our site and work of our clients.

Troy lives in the Tampa area with his wife – spending his time on the beach when not working, which isn’t often.

Bryan Del Monte

Bryan is the President and founder of our agency. You can find out more about that story by going here.

Bryan has spent the last 30 years trading ideas for actions – be it in political campaigns, government policy, as a speechwriter, as a trial consultant, or as an advertising executive. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife, two daughters, and three golden retrievers.