Media Management

Taking Control of the Conversation (And the Sale)


Spending money on media should be for one end – generating revenues. To manage your media spend effectively, The Aviation Agency is an expert in traditional and online media channels, knowing how to squeeze the most out of media dollars.  We treat your money as if it was our money.

Media Management for Aviation

Let’s be honest – the aviation industry isn’t huge. It’s not like there are millions of people lining up to buy planes or their related parts. 

Most of this industry isn’t B2C – where mass media and where “blaring away” accomplishes revenue targets. This market is a highly competitive market, largely selling services that are “near commodity” in many instances. For the vast majority of companies – this is a complex, B2B sale. So what are you supposed to do then?

Leverage media to support sales – that’s what.

Media Management - What Works | The Aviation Agency
Media Management - What Works | The Aviation Agency

More than Spend

Effective management of your media dollars is not about how much you spend, or ensuring that you “get what you paid for,” in terms of media.

Effective media management is about having your brand seen at the proper moment in the conversation and in the decisionmaking cycle of your prospective customer. What we call “moments of truth” in the buying cycle.  The fact that you have so many choices “where to be seen” isn’t a challenge – but an opportunity. It gives you the ability to take control of the conversation and “be seen” when it’s “most relevant” to that prospective customer.

Media Management - What Works | The Aviation Agency
Media Management - What Works | The Aviation Agency

Content First – Media Second

One thing has disrupted media management – social media. It’s completely changed the game. 

As an agency that’s handled a lot of media dollars, the game used to be played like this: you’d make your ads (print, television, radio) and then those ads would reach your customers through a massive media buy. The media would cost 10X or more what the production of the advertising cost.

Now, that’s not necessary. A great YouTube Video demonstrating your company and your product in a new way – can get 50-100M views in a month and let you compete against the largest brand in your category. The video may cost you 15-20K, but the media spend is zero (or nearly zero).

This fact has changed media management. Our approach to media management is pretty simple – we use it to support sales. As a consequence, we lead with content, which creates attention, and then we use media to retarget and take control of the conversation, and ultimately, the conversion (the sale).

Interdisciplinary Approach

We devise strategies and implement processes to encourage people to interact with your content. Online engagement and experiences provide a unique opportunity to delight, entertain, inform, engage, encourage, convince, and ultimately, take a prospect and make them a lifelong customer. Our skills in video, storytelling, copywriting, illustration, photography, audio production, allows us to create content that is accessible (and consumed) everywhere. We leverage our skills in media management and analytics to ensure that the prospect’s journey results in a greater connection to our clients, and ultimately, towards buying their products and services.

Media Management - What Works | The Aviation Agency
Media Management - What Works | The Aviation Agency