April 1, 2020 Update

We are discontinuing this report as a summary of headlines.

As you probably know – the Commercial Aviation industry has effectively collapsed or shut down, flying empty planes and flying only about a third of the fleet at any one time.

Those who support commercial aviation are in a bind.

Private aviation is basically at a standstill.

Business aviation is basically at a standstill.

Headline after headline of that won’t help.

We all know the situation.

It’s grim.

So we’re going to be pivoting to focus on how to help, how to grow, and how to get ready for when this over and how we’re going to help the industry we love come back.

There is a road ahead. There is an opportunity for growth ahead. There is a tomorrow that sees America’s economy revitalized.

Aviation will play a crucial role in that revitalization.

So check back here next week  and we will have new resources for you to help get through this time.

Stay Strong. Stay Safe. 

Geographic Risk Assessment for COVID-19 Transmission

COVID-19 Spread Analysis from Johns Hopkins University

To all of Aviation, remember...

We looked at the sky and wanted to fly.

And we did.

We looked at the stars and wanted to reach them.

And we did.

We wanted to make the world small and show people the wonders it offers.

And we did.

We looked at the moon and wanted to walk upon it.

And we did.

We looked to the heavens and wanted to live among it.

And we did.

Coronavirus will change our industry, but we shall emerge stronger.

And when that day comes, the world will look to us once again to take them higher, farther, faster, and to places they can barely imagine.

ad astra per aspera

We love aviation. We'll always be there for you.