Agency Statement on COVID-19

Dear Friends and Partners:

I want to talk to you about our approach to COVID-19. We believe in a time of crisis that transparency, consistency, and reliability, about what we are doing, how we intend to help you, and how things will work, is the best thing we can do to reduce the fear and stress from this pandemic.

So let’s talk about it.

The last twenty-four hours have been nothing short of extraordinary.

We believe that COVID-19 will have a dramatic negative impact, in the short-term, on the aviation industry globally. We are hopeful that this event will not “play out” the way 9/11 did – which caused sustained negative financial consequences. How severe and how long the industry will be affected by COVID-19 is difficult to determine right now.

While we are hopeful that the impact will be short-lived, we’re not assuming it will be. I assure you that we will not stand there like “ducks in thunder” without a plan as to what to do. We are not at the mercy of this disease, powerless to control our business destinies.

Our team is meeting to brainstorm and develop an action plan for every client of the agency to weather this storm over the next 30-60-90 days. We offer to our partners and friends who would like our thoughts and analysis to contact us. This is not the first time we’ve had to deal with a crisis event that dramatically upends an industry. We believe that the next quarter may determine how well companies do during this crisis. Thus, reach out to us and let us help.

Now, I want to talk about the logistics of how we will work together.

Undoubtedly by now, you know that the CDC, various health departments, and epidemiologists are all calling for “social distancing” from each other to combat this disease. Heeding those recommendations, we’re going to need to make some changes in how we work.

We will not be working out of our office in Bloomington. We were informed yesterday by the management of the building that someone who tested positive for COVID-19 was in the complex (I was in Charlotte when we were notified, and none of our personnel were in the office).

We have no reason to believe that this event affects our office in any way. My understanding is that the building management is taking remedial steps to sanitize the common spaces of the building. However, the event does demonstrate the challenges we face at the moment in conducting business face to face.

As a temporary measure, we’re not doing any face to face meetings through April 15, 2020. We will re-evaluate the situation as things progress.

For most of you, this won’t have a dramatic impact on our relationship. For some of you, it will mean that we will do our meetings virtually even though we’re in town or normally travel to see each other. We have a long history of working virtually as a matrixed team across the country.

We do not anticipate any service interruptions as a result of COVID-19 if we work virtually.

In addition, we will be setting up by next week a web page at our website that I will share with you that will be a clearinghouse for all things “coronavirus” and aviation. A single page with all that we know about the industry and the disease that you can reference daily. We are assimilating a fair amount of news reports, industry reports, and direct industry knowledge and wisdom, that we think can help our clients and partners see the crisis clearly. We’re going to create this resource for you, and we’re hoping it helps guide you to better business decisions.

When that page is ready, I’ll share it with everyone (should be ready by mid next week). We intend to update it daily.

Finally, I would say to all of you this – Aviation is the lifeblood of the modern world. Without what you do, none of us would go anywhere (quite literally).

While this crisis will be a challenge and test your resolve (and patience), you have all faced harder ones in the past and come out on top.

We have faith that the industry will absorb this blow and emerge from it prouder, stronger, and better.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Agency Statement on COVID-19 | The Aviation AgencyAgency Statement on COVID-19 | The Aviation Agency